Welcome to Boarding NI, your introduction to boarding school education in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is the hidden gem in the boarding school offering of the United Kingdom. We can offer you your choice of the five excellent schools, each with a rich history of academic excellence. We can offer you the choice of all boys, all girls or co-ed depending on the environment you believe is right for you child. We can offer you a city or a rural setting and a commitment to delivering an extensive extra-curricular provision to help your child’s personal development in addition to a high quality of education.

All our schools have close links to Queen’s University Belfast and also offer you access to any of the Russel Group Universities.

We can deliver affordable excellence as the cost of living in Northern Ireland is reflected in the lower fees of schooling in comparison with other UK schools.

Uppermost in our thoughts will be care for your child and we can offer real family values and a sense of community and belonging throughout your child’s stay in Northern Ireland.


Key to the performance of every pupil is that they feel comfortable in their ‘home’ environment. It is only then that they are able to concentrate on their studies and perform to the best of their ability. Every student is exceptionally well cared for in a strong and supportive community and often develop friendships that can last for years if not lifetimes. Parents will always consider academic excellence as the most important aspect of a boarding school education but ask any boarder and they will almost always say the friends they have made.

All students are treated as individuals and as such their individual needs are considered and cared for. Accommodation will vary from shared dormitories for younger children with older children sharing bedrooms in smaller numbers or in single rooms to recognise the need for more quiet

time as important exams approach. Every child, regardless of age, will always be allocated a certain amount of private space and storage to reflect their needs as an individual.

Communal areas such as common rooms and, for older pupils, kitchens, are well equipped and have the advantage of staff supervision, ensuring that students learn to respect other users and the facilities at their disposal.

All of this will be overseen by friendly, professional, committed and dedicated boarding staff, for whom the happiness of the boarding house depends upon the happiness of individual boarders and the strength of the relationships they build with each other. Often, boarding staff become the most significant people in a child’s boarding life – offering support, friendship, help with homework or just advice and someone to chat to.



We fully believe that participation in extra-curricular activities is vital to improve confidence and essential communication and team building skills.

More and more universities and employers are looking beyond examination results and considering personal achievements as part of their selection criteria. The range of extra-curricular activities on offer reflects the belief that students should be exposed to as many opportunities as possible to allow them to leave the school as well rounded confident individuals. We recognise that participation and communication skills are as important as academic achievement.

Each of the five schools offers a range of activities to include sport, music, drama, art and outdoor activities in addition to trips. This wide range of activities means that we will find the activity best suited to allow your child to enjoy

participation as well as develop self confidence and vital leadership skills.

Clubs and activities offer opportunities beyond the academic day to discover and nurture talents, to explore experiences which may be life changing.

The extended day gives children the time and the chance to try something different, to pursue an established interest. School plays and musicals need directors, stage managers and lighting technicians as well as actors. Many a serious musician, with hours in the music practice rooms to hone his skills, has found time at boarding school to get together with like-minded souls and practice in confidence and have fun.



Northern Ireland schools consistently perform higher than their counterparts in England, Scotland and Wales supporting the notion that Northern Ireland is the hidden gem of boarding school education in the UK and makes it worthwhile taking the connecting flight from the rest of the UK to Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland is easily accessible from any of the London airports and has a network of connecting flights from other uk UK cities. This is of advantage to potential school boarders but also invaluable to the numerous Northern Irish students who have the opportunity to progress further or higher education at the excellent universities throughout the UK.

Royal School
Dungannon Co-ed

No of boarders: 52

Royal School
Armagh Co-ed

No of boarders: 100

Victoria College
Belfast All Girls

No of boarders: 50

Campbell College
Belfast All Boys

No of boarders: 133

Rockport School
Holywood Co-ed

No of boarders: 40



Northern Ireland is easy to reach. Our two main airports provide low-cost flights to the rest of the UK and beyond. Scheduled air services operate from nearly all major UK Airports. An easy connecting flight from any of London’s major airports means that it is often a quicker to reach Belfast than to connect with other areas of the UK via train. Excellent fast ferry links from England and Scotland, plus good roads, buses and trains mean you can get to where you want to go easily.

George Best Belfast City Airport
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Citywing www.citywing.com
Flybe www.flybe.com

Belfast International Airport
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Jet2.com www.jet2.com

Ferry Operators
Irish Ferries www.irishferries.com
P&O Ferries www.poirishferries.com
Stena Line www.stenaline.co.uk

When in Northern Ireland
Translink www.translink.co.uk
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